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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

About Me

I’m trying to introduce more fresh fruit and vegetables into my kids’ diets. They don’t like to eat new foods, so I have to be a bit creative by either blending it in with things that they already like to eat or have to make new dishes that remind them of their favourite characters. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but I’m going to keep trying anyway! This blog catalogues what I can get my fussy eaters to try and what hasn’t worked at all. This blog should be useful for the parents and carers of young kids who are fussy eaters.

Creating restaurant quality French cuisine at home

French cuisine has a deserved reputation for being some of the most impressive food in the world. However, even though the cuisine can be taken to amazing extremes it’s also possible to attempt simple but delicious French meals at home with minimal cooking...

Fun Catering Ideas For Your Next Party

When planning a party, no doubt you give attention to every single detail, right down to the catering and food to be served. However, you probably have more options today for meals provided by your caterer than ever before, and choosing something fun and unique will...

Tips for Safe Food Storage in a Restaurant

Storing your food safely in your commercial kitchen is very important; not only might you cause a customer to get sick if your food becomes contaminated from unsafe storage, but you might also face fines and even a shutdown if it’s discovered that you’re...