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Advice For New Flatters: How Do You Reheat Takeout Pizza Without It Going Soggy?

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Moving out of home for the first time is exciting, and no doubt your mum has given you a lot of helpful advice to get you on your way. But, did she tell you about the best way to reheat takeaway pizza so you don't end up with an over-moist soggy mess? There is an art to reheating pizza properly, but if you do it the right way you can stretch your favourite food treat out to several days worth of meals.

Frypan = Yes

A frypan, be it a stovetop one or its electric equivalent, is the first choice for reheating a slice or two of pizza. This is because you can crisp up the crust while reheating the toppings if you take the low and slow approach.

To reheat your pizza slice in a frypan, turn it onto a low heat and place the pizza slice into a pan that has been sprayed with cooking oil. This will stop the pizza from sticking to the pan. Add 3 drops of cold water into the pan and cover it with a lid. The water creates a steam cooker within the pan that will help to keep the pizza toppings moist while the rest of the slices are warming up. At the end of two minutes, you will have a hot, crisp slice of pizza that tastes as good as the day it was delivered.

Microwave = Maybe

The problem with heating up a slice of pizza in the microwave is the slice does not get heated evenly. This is why the crust becomes wet and soggy while the cheese heats too much to the point it can burn your mouth.

If you have no frypan in the house so microwaving is your only option, place the pizza slice onto a plate lined with a piece of baking paper. Next, take a coffee mug and two-thirds fill it with cold water. Place the pizza plate on top of the coffee mug and microwave it for one minute. The evaporating water from the coffee mug will stop the crust from drying out while the baking paper will help to keep the crust crisp.

Oven = No

If you don't have a frypan or a microwave you could throw your slice of pizza into the oven, but it is difficult to time it right so the top doesn't dry out while the base is heating up. Therefore, using the oven to heat up pizza is a no-go.

Now you know how to reheat your leftover pizza (assuming there is any) you can impress your mum with your pizza prowess. Of course, there's plenty of other flatting advice you are going to need, but this is one that doesn't need to be on the list.